Brighton & Hove Ladies Lunch Club – October 2016 Newsletter

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Ladies Lunch October Newsletter

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Booking Now…

Hi Ladies,

Last month we had another sold out Ladies Lunch Club hosted at the Ginger Pig in Hove, sponsored by Loch Associates. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to the lunch and made it such a great occasion.

We have been busy planning for 2017 and can reveal the provisional dates (just awaiting venue confirmation). We hope to bring you the final confirmed dates in November’s newsletter.

Most importantly we are looking for a sponsor for the Brighton & Hove lunch 2017. We are very grateful to the 4 wonderful companies we have had support us since this location launched and as you know the lunches can’t function without a sponsor.

See more info here – We would like to have the sponsor confirmed asap to ensure the lunches continue so do get in touch and pass on to any business who it may be appropriate for!

Best wishes,


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A recent survey has received widespread media coverage after finding that 52% of the 1,500 women questioned by the TUC say they have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. 79% also said they did not tell their employer about it, with 24% feeling that they would not be taken seriously if they did so.

Many of us assume sexual harassment at work has been left in the past. However these findings challenge this and present employers with concerns over how to deal with it. As employers can be vicariously liable for sexual harassment and so must be up to speed and confident in handling complaints or concerns as pay outs for successful Tribunal claims can be damaging not only to the Company’s reputation, but also financially. In 2011, BT lost a claim of sexual harassment, sex discrimination and unfair dismissal involving a former call centre worker, and were forced to pay out £290,000 in compensation.

Sexual harassment is defined in legislation as behaviour or conduct of a sexual nature which is meant to or has the effect of either violating another’s dignity, or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or sexually offensive environment. Employers can be found to be liable if harassment takes place at work as well as social events. They can also be liable for harassment by third party contractors.

Employers can take a number of steps to reduce the risk of successful discrimination claims being brought against them. Providing staff with handbooks including policies on equal opportunities and harassment, and what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour ensures that all employees are aware of what is expected from them. Specific training can help to increase the capability of management to proactively handle any complaints or issues raised and can help to defend and position employers in a Tribunal. By making sure staff are aware of the procedures in place for them to raise concerns through, there is less likelihood of matters escalating irreparably, and allows employers to deal with discriminatory behaviour through established disciplinary procedures.

Employers must investigate complaints of harassment appropriately, and take steps to remedy the situation. Otherwise they are at risk of having to pay increased compensation for injury to feelings.

Loch Associates are our sponsors for the Brighton & Hove Ladies Lunch Club. To network with them and others over a two-course lunch, book a place at our next Brighton & Hove lunch at the Ginger Pig Pub on Tuesday 8th November.

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Horley, Redhill & Reigate:

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Tunbridge Wells:

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