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Ladies Lunch October Newsletter

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Hi Ladies,

Last week we had another fantastic lunch hosted at the Wild Mushroom, sponsored by Ashdown Hurrey. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to the lunch and made it such a great occasion.

Please note that the deadline for booking a place at the next lunch, on 15th December, will be one month before on Tuesday 15th November, due to the Wild Mushroom being extremely busy during December!

Come along to enjoy a relaxed two-course lunch followed by tea or coffee, surrounded by like-minded businesswomen at amazing restaurants and hotels across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We have no membership fees, no long-term commitments – just good food and good company.

We can also reveal the 2017 Ladies Lunch Club dates for the first time, however please note that many are currently still provisional on being confirmed by the venues. We hope to bring you the final confirmed dates in November’s newsletter.

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Ann Grant, is a former Accountancy Partner turned consultant based at Ashdown Hurrey’s Hastings office. Wife, proud mother to two and grandmother to four, Ann is all too aware of the challenges facing professional women. As the founder of the Women in Business group she shares a few words with us on her inspiring story, whilst promising that it’s never too late to make positive changes to your life.

I moved to Hastings in 1974 to work as a computer programmer, before meeting my husband and becoming a mother to daughter Gemma and son Alex. After ten years at home looking after my family, I decided on a career change and took the plunge into accountancy by beginning my ACCA studies in 1990.

Through a combination of hard work, long hours and study I progressed to become a partner at Ashdown Hurrey. For around 15 years from the early 1990’s, I attended networking events in the local area and soon found the female demographic to be dramatically under represented. Unfortunately, in many families career breaks for children coupled with the traditional role of the mother is not easily combined with long hours at work in high pressure job roles.

With this in mind I founded a networking group, exclusively for women, and the success was immediate with around 75 participants at the first lunch. Over the years a huge variety of speakers have attended our lunches; including the current Home Secretary, charity fundraisers, health experts, financial advisors, and even comediennes. Since then, I’m very pleased to see many more networking forums appear for women in Hastings facilitating increased opportunities across the area.

Now a proud “nanna” of Bethany – 5, Rowena – 3, Sophie – 2 and Kenneth – 9 months, I work as a consultant for Ashdown Hurrey. My personal highlights so far have included several trips to Dubai to visit a client in the oil industry, qualifying as an ACCA Chartered Certified Accountant, and seeing my children develop into confident, independent young adults (partly as a result of my neglect)! The best advice I have to give is that hard work will always be rewarded, and to remember that it is never too late to make a lasting, positive change to your career.

Ashdown Hurrey are our sponsors for the Hastings Ladies Lunch Club. To network with them and others over a two-course lunch, book a place at our next Hastings lunch at The Wild Mushroom on Thursday 15th December.

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