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Join us for our Christmas lunches!

December has finally arrived, and with it a flurry of Christmas decorations have started lining town centres and adorning shop windows! The Ladies Lunch Clubs are certainly no different – our venues will be hosting the lunches with a Christmas theme this month, so why not come along and celebrate Christmas in style with a glass of wine and a two-course festive-themed lunch at amazing local restaurants and hotels.

Our last couple of Christmas lunches, in Brighton & Hove and Eastbourne, have been very popular (with Brighton sold out), so the upcoming lunches are also likely to fill up quickly. See below for a list of available dates to book.

We are delighted to announce that the sponsor for the Brighton & Hove lunches in 2017 will be Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty, who are a Beauty salon offering a range of body, stress and skin treatments. We look forward to their sponsorship of the lunches.

Head over to Sarah Hurst Skin & Beauty’s website for more information about them, and go to the Brighton & Hove Ladies Lunch Club web page for a list of all the lunches they will be hosting next year.

We are also pleased to add to our usual lunches at the Ginger Pig in 2017 with two additional events at the Grand in Brighton next year. The first will be a Fish & Chip supper with a glass of bubbles on arrival (9th February), and the second will be a ‘Get ready for summer spa event’ on 7th June, which will include a nail or toe polish. Further details of both these events can be found below – we hope you can join us!

Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular attendee, we’d love to see you at one of our Ladies Lunch Clubs in 2017. We have no membership fees, no long-term commitments – just good food and good company.

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For a number of years now, we have seen a steady rise in ‘office-based-gym-equipment’, ranging from exercise balls replacing the office chair, to standing desks replacing the need for chairs altogether.

But recently, the divide between the office and the gym has become more blurred, mainly due to the increase in remote working and a change in the way businesses employ and manage staff. Some gym chains have started to incorporate work stations into their new building designs, where remote and self-employed workers can plug in and carry out their business in the comfort of gym leggings and trainers.

Gyms are moving further away from a place you force yourself to go to before or after work, and towards a more holistic experience complete with juice bars, breakout areas, and charging ports. It is now common to see interviews or other meetings taking place in cafes at gyms.

In the UK in 2015, gym memberships soared by 44%, with younger people who join the workforce being more health-conscious than their Baby Boomer and Generation X counterparts. Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest that a quarter of Millennials are teetotal, and they are smoking and using drugs far more infrequently too. Having lived through a recession and finding themselves burdened as graduates with huge amounts of debt in a challenging housing market, it would appear there is a more cautious and self-aware generation moving into the world of business. Employers need to remain aware of the changing trends and demographics in their workforce, and closely monitor and manage the differing motivators for each generation to maximise returns from their Human Resources.

Studies have also found there is a link between physical fitness and performance at work, suggesting that the highest performing workers are most likely to be those who are the healthiest overall. The advances in wearable technology has also brought fitness and work closer together. Consequently, many companies now hold inter-departmental challenges and competitions incorporating the use of fitness trackers.

If your business isn’t quite ready to encourage all its office-based staff to wear fitbits or head to the nearest gym/workspace, a simple step you can take is to encourage staff to hold ‘walking meetings’. These work well for small groups or one to ones. As well as having obvious health benefits for staff in sedentary jobs, studies have found that they increase creativity and innovation, and strengthen relationships between teams. Where you have a larger group, you could try a standing meeting instead, which holds the same benefits but is easier to manage.

Many organisations are also now investing in workplace health screening services for employees to support their general health and wellbeing in the work place.

The Loch Health Wellness Check helps businesses to ensure their workforce perform at their peak level by

  • Protecting a business from unnecessary absenteeism
  • Supporting employee’s wellbeing
  • Helping to uncover ill health problems in the early stages
  • Increasing staff loyalty and retention due to investment in their wellbeing

The qualified nursing practitioners provide a mobile service that can work onsite with businesses to ensure minimal disruption to the working day. The Loch Health Wellness Check is a comprehensive individualised screening service that tests for indicators of key conditions e.g. cholesterol, CVD, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Kidney disease.

Steps like this could be the way towards a smarter, healthier way of working for everyone.

Pam Loch, Managing Director of Loch Associates Group incorporating Loch Health, Loch Employment Law, HR Advise Me and Loch Mediation.

For more information on the Loch Associates Group please go to

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