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Join us for our Christmas lunches!

December has finally arrived, and with it a flurry of Christmas decorations have started lining town centres and adorning shop windows! The Ladies Lunch Clubs are certainly no different – our venues will be hosting the lunches with a Christmas theme this month, so why not come along and celebrate Christmas in style with a glass of wine and a two-course festive-themed lunch at amazing local restaurants and hotels.

Our last couple of Christmas lunches, in Brighton & Hove and Eastbourne, have been very popular (with Brighton sold out), so the upcoming lunches are also likely to fill up quickly. See below for a list of available dates to book.

From 2017, the lunches will be hosted at the Peacock Inn in Piltdown near Uckfield, which boasts a wealth of historic features and traditional cuisine. All food is homemade, freshly prepared and locally sourced wherever possible to give an authentic quintessential country inn experience. We hope you can join us for the first lunch on 23rd February!

We are also looking for sponsors for the Uckfield lunches in 2017. Sponsoring a lunch in an area really helps people get to know you, as well as your brand, by building a relationship with the women who attend. If this is of interest then please contact us at info@ladieslunchclubs.co.uk, or find out more about sponsoring the Ladies Lunch Clubs on our Sponsors page.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular attendee, we’d love to see you at one of our Ladies Lunch Clubs in 2017. We have no membership fees, no long-term commitments – just good food and good company.

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Do you have a turnover of under £150,000? This Scheme could prove useful

The scheme can be helpful for businesses with turnover under £150,000 as it is simple to use. You can even make money out of the scheme if the flat rate percentage applicable to your trade sector is particularly favourable.

You need to pick the right trade sector for your business. Use normal English to describe what your business does and compare this to the HMRC guidance. We can help you with that.

Anomalies can create difficulties:

  • Software is grouped with computer and IT consultancy (flat rate 14.5%); but
  • publishing (flat rate 11%) covers books, journals, newspapers and sound recordings.

Therefore a business that publishes information online as well as software will have products that fall under ‘publishing’ as well as in the ‘computer and IT consultancy’ sector.

The business owner must judge which products generate the majority of their sales and use the flat rate for the corresponding sector.

Once you are in the Flat Rate Scheme, review your choice of trade sector on the anniversary of the date on which you started to use it. Estimate which products will make up the greatest percentage of sales in the following year. Your new flat rate (if it changes) should be used from the beginning of that year.

If your business drops one type of activity completely, this may lead to a change in trade sector. In that case use the new flat rate percentage from the date the business activities changed until the next anniversary of joining the Flat Rate Scheme. Tell HMRC in writing within 30 days if you change the flat rate you use, the date it changed, and why.

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