Eastbourne Ladies Lunch Club – February 2017 Newsletter

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February 2017 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to February’s newsletter!

This month we have no less than five Ladies Lunch Clubs available for you to attend – Tunbridge Wells, Worthing, Hastings, and Uckfield (at a new venue), as well as the Fish & Chip Supper at The Grand Brighton.

Have you booked a place yet? There’s still time if not – see our list of dates below to book.

We would like to thank everyone who came along to the lunch in January. The next Eastbourne lunch will be on 17th March at The Grand Hotel sponsored by Humphrey & Co. We hope you can join us!

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Payroll and PAYE legislation is ever changing, becoming more complex and making it harder than ever for business owners to manage the task in-house.

Recently we have seen the introduction of the employment allowance, payrolling of benefits in kind and shared parental leave, to name but a few, and most significantly the introduction of auto enrolment and workplace pensions.

According to the latest information released by The Pensions Regulator, within the next six months, nearly 100,000 small and micro employers will reach their ‘staging date’ and must start their new duties.

If your business has already staged, then automatic enrolment should now be part of your usual processes when preparing the payroll.

If your staging date has not yet arrived then now is the time to start planning for auto enrolment to avoid the risk of a fine.

Many businesses may be unaware that the new auto enrolment duties will apply to them.

Our payroll team are always available to assist with any queries our clients may have. We are able to offer a full payroll and pensions administration service, from the initial set-up to staging and beyond.

If you do not require our support with processing your payroll but would like some help with getting set up for auto enrolment, then we can assist you with this too.

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Brighton & Hove
21st March 2017 – Book Here
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Tunbridge Wells
7th February 2017 – Book Here
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Special Events
Fish & Chip Supper at The Grand Brighton
9th February, 2017 – Book Here

Get Ready For Summer Spa at The Grand Brighton
7th June 2017 – Book Here

Changes to Payroll and PAYE legislation – we can help!