Hastings Newsletter – February 2018

Hello and welcome to our February newsletter!

We are looking forward to another busy couple of months following the success of our three February lunches.

We couldn’t have expected a busier start to the year with wine tastings from Simon at Slimlinewines at three of our lunches already! Slimlinewines have Zero Carbs and Zero Sugar for those of you who haven’t had a chance to sample them yet. Simon is offering free delivery to any of you who purchase a case of 6 bottles of wine using the unique code LadiesLunch6.

We hope you enjoyed the Tunbridge Wells lunch on 6th February, the Worthing lunch on 7th February and the Hastings lunch on 22nd February. We’re looking forward to more exciting lunches throughout March, with our Brighton & Hove lunch at the Ginger Pig on 13th March and our Eastbourne lunch on 23rd March – these are already selling out fast so please book soon to avoid disappointment!

If you would like to boost your business or personal profile, you can be added to our Membership Directory for as little as £20 plus VAT. There is still an opening for a Sponsor of our wonderful Tunbridge Wells lunch – this is a great opportunity to boost your business or your own personal profile. For further information about this please contact yasmin@consortiumbiz.co.uk 

Please see the bottom of the newsletter, for a list of all of our remaining dates for 2018 which are now ready to book.

We have no membership fees and no long-term commitments – just good food, good company and networking. We hope you can join us!

Our next lunch will take place on 21st June. We are excited that Conveyancing Direct Property Lawyers are sponsoring this years’ lunches.


Conveyancing Explained: Why do you need a Conveyancer?

According to research by Zoopla, the average person living in the UK will move house at least 8 times during their life. No wonder, then, that solicitors and Conveyancers are enlisted to deal with the huge volume of legal and administrative paperwork involved – but what exactly is a Conveyancer and why are they needed during the house-moving process?

What is a Conveyancer?

Conveyancing refers to the legal process of transferring property, and a Conveyancer is simply a type of solicitor who is legally authorised to carry out the transfer of property on behalf of clients, the primary purpose being to protect their client’s interests.

The main duties of a Conveyancer include:

  • Examining the legal title documentation at the Land Registry and raising any queries to clarify it
  • Checking with local authorities and bodies regarding any current boundary disputes, financial liabilities, flood risks or other factors affecting a property
  • Compiling a report for the buyer containing details of the seller’s supporting documents
  • Drafting contracts containing details of what the property transaction includes
  • Making the buyer aware of any additional costs involved in the transaction, for example stamp duty
  • Communicating with mortgage providers to make sure money will be available when needed
  • Compiling the transfer documents that are needed for buying or selling the property
  • Carrying out the final checks before contracts are exchanged between the buyer and seller
  • Facilitating the exchange of contracts between the buyer and seller
  • Organising for the property transfer to be recorded by the land registry
  • Arranging and managing the payment of all fees related to the transaction

Why do I need a Conveyancer when I move house?

As the list of duties above demonstrates, the Conveyancing process is long and highly complex and helps to protect those involved in buying or selling property from any hidden costs or other unforeseen pitfalls.

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