Brighton & Hove Newsletter – January 2019

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We would like to welcome Milly Stone from Whitespace & Lisa Ollerton from ViiSana who are the new sponsor’s for the Brighton & Hove Ladies Lunch Club!

ViiSana logo

ViiSana is a life and health insurance broker – but with a BIG difference. Life insurance is normally a pretty dry subject – focussing on what happens if someone dies or becomes ill. Whilst we are deep subject matter experts in this area, we chose to do it differently. We focus on helping thousands of customers to live life to the full – by encouraging them to live a happy, healthy life.

In simple terms – we sell a product and then try as hard as we can to make sure it is never used…

That said, there is a very serious side to what we do. We pride ourselves on advising our customers on the most suitable financial protection packages to put in place if the worst really does happen. 
ViiSana is a multi-award-winning susssex based family run business that is achieving breakthrough growth in a very crowded market. The company name is derived for the Spanish term vida-sana, which means ‘healthy lifestyle’.

County House, 3 Shelley Rd, Worthing BN11 1TT

0333 772 0761


Who is Whitespace and what do you do?

Whitespace is a Brighton-based creative agency specialising in design, web and marketing. We founded the business after having worked together in various guises for the last 12 years so we have a really solid and collaborative working relationship. Each of us leads one of our three focus areas.

Some clients come to us for just one of our services, others are keen to use all three. We are really focused on our areas of expertise – we don’t try to be all things to all men, instead we do what we do well and are supported by an exceptionally strong network of collaborators and friends in the industry.

How did the three of you come together?

We worked together as heads of department in the same company before forming Whitespace.

Steve and James also previously worked for years on web and app projects, while Milly was James’ client collaborating on various successful designs and marketing projects. “We recognised we could build something together that we could be proud of and haven’t looked back”

All of us share the same core values, creative approach and love of good design. We each have our individual specialisms and strengths. We recognised we could build something together that we could be proud of and haven’t looked back!

What makes Whitespace special?

Our clients tell us that they love the fact that Whitespace is owner-managed and that we’re personally involved with each and every project and client, from concept to delivery.

We have a personal, down-to-earth approach which seems to resonate well with our clients.

And, of course, good, thoughtful design underpins everything we do. We pride ourselves on listening carefully and truly understanding a brief before even thinking about putting pen to paper to start the design process.

What type of businesses do you help?

We work for such a wide range of business, large and small. Some of the organisations we have helped this year include the Green Party and Brighton University, both of whom we have ongoing relationships with. We work with charities such as Grace Eyre, a number of publishers including William Reed, OX Mag – and Sussex Business Times!  We’re currently working on a brand new website for Mayo Wynne Baxter.

It’s a diverse mix and we don’t operate on a sector-specific basis. To us the brief is more important than the sector. And chemistry with the client is really important to us too.

Give us an overview of one of your favourite projects

There are so many! One piece of work we’ve really enjoyed working on this year has been supporting the Green Party’s recruitment drive to gain new members. We developed a web page, predominately for mobile users, which incorporates a radial dial giving users the freedom to pledge whatever amount they feel appropriate for their membership (rather than being constrained to certain brackets).

The Green Party’s main website includes fairly static web pages, so we were keen incorporate video, lots of colour and dramatic images to drive up engagement levels. We also included elements such as testimonials from real people talking about what the party meant to them, to capture the essence of the party.

The web page produced a much higher percentage of people pledging more money. We’re so pleased that the average donation was significantly increased – and the client was too! This campaign is a classic example that shows how clever, considered design can drive hard return on investment for clients.

Talk us through your own branding. What’s behind the name Whitespace?

 We chose on the name Whitespace as it perfectly reflects our clear, simple way of thinking, our creative approach and love of good design.

The term whitespace is a significant one in the design industry.  It is at the heart of good design and helps strike a balance between positive and negative spaces and is key to aesthetic composition.

The three accent colours represent our three core areas of expertise: design, web and marketing.

“We pride ourselves on listening carefully and truly understanding a brief before even thinking about putting pen to paper to start the design process”

Talk us through some key industry trends

The concept of ‘Responsive Logos’ has been around for a little while now but is certainly gaining momentum. In a modern world, where screens come in all shapes and sizes, logos that can adapt and make best use of the available space really stand out.

Your logo no longer has to be a one size fits all solution – it can move, evolve scale and engage with the device and even your location like never before.

Getting it right can elevate your brand and has huge potential benefits from a creative and marketing perspective.

28 Foundry Street, Brighton, BN1 4AT

01273 258000