Hove Newsletter – April 2020

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Sarah Hurst Skin Clinic

Lockdown Hell or Lockdown Heaven?

Lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic has been in place now for nearly 6 weeks.  We closed the doors to the clinic on Friday 20th March after a difficult and stressful week.  My team were concerned for their own health and after much deliberation we closed before we were forced to close anyway.  We felt it was the socially responsible thing to do.

It is hard to take when this is your baby and has taken blood, sweat and tears, but this was not the time for feeling sorry for myself.  This is for the greater good after all and it is important that we all do our bit.  I was also feeling like I needed a holiday, so this was the perfect time, right? Umm, not quite.

The first couple of weeks was fraught with employment obligations.  The government were announcing new initiatives every day and it was difficult to keep up and work it all out.  My family had all come home.  My son had been travelling the world for the last year and Covid had been following him for a while, so it was safer for him to be home.  He arrived with his new America girlfriend who he had met travelling and we went into lockdown together.  My daughter also arrived home from London.  She is a student at university there.  There was a period of adjustment whilst we all got used to sharing the house together again and we were all going through our own “thing” with what was going on.

I was determined to stay positive to use this time for the greater good.  I was feeling really overwhelmed in the early days because there was so much information being thrown at us, I felt like a headless chicken.  I decided I had to pick and choose what I was going to concentrate my efforts on.

For me, this time has been about using the time wisely to start planning strategies for how we can come back bigger and better, more on this will follow. I started working on an online store and we are hoping to launch this in about 2 weeks’ time.  We are now also softly launching our online Zoom skin consultations.  These are currently being offered complementary.  If you are thinking that you skin could do with some attention, then please reach out and let’s arrange a time.

I have been doing regular yoga to ensure that I stay physically and mentally strong.  There is some great stuff on YouTube.  Sylvia, my son’s girlfriend, is an exercise freak, so she is happy to join in and when the weather was hot, we were even doing yoga in the garden 😊

I have started working on my mindset and have even enrolled in an online NLP course.  However, enrolling doesn’t mean that I have started it yet, but is on my list.

So, all in all I have found this time to be a great time to reflect, be thankful and make positive changes.  It’s a shame the reason why we are forced into this was because of something so tragic and I want to take this moment to thank ALL the keyworkers out there, of whom I know a few and what a magnificent job they are doing.

Let’s hope that we take enough away from this to make it a better world on our return.

You can reach Sarah at:  contactus@sarahhurstskinclinic.co.uk or call 01273 270709.

You can follow us on FB and IG @sarahhurstskinclinic and can also find us on YouTube.  We would love for you to subscribe to our channel.  This is where you can get our latest updates and would be a great support for us during this time.  We are looking to set up educational hints and tips and showcase what we can offer.  During May we are focussing on hair removal treatments and we would love to see you there.