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The Ladies Lunch Clubs have a number of hosts, who have been successfully running the lunches for over 10 years and who help to introduce new and existing members of the Ladies Lunch Clubs to other relevant members of the group.

Like so many other attendees of the Ladies Lunches, the hosts are also business owners. Their business experience means they can offer you support or answer any questions you might have regarding business or networking.

Credit -  www.brightontogs.comConsortium Business Solutions Lara Squires

Lara Squires (Founder & host) – I set up the Ladies Lunch Clubs back in 2005, after starting networking in Tunbridge Wells and seeing an opportunity for a Ladies Lunch Club. The Tunbridge Wells lunch was launched with co-host Claire Burroughs of Ansacom in July, followed closely by Eastbourne in September 2005.

In 2009 I decided to continue running the lunch in my free time, and after moving to Worthing in late 2011 I thought it would be good to build local contacts, so I set about launching Worthing’s lunch in my free time. In 2013, the Brighton & Hove lunch was launched with an annual sponsor.


Claire Burroughs (Founder & host) – Lara and I set up the first Ladies Lunch Club in 2005. My contacts, together with Lara’s amazing organisational skills, were a perfect match and the club is still growing and business is still being done.

I think the reason for its success is that we never forget why we are there – lunch and socialising are fun, but ultimately we’re all there to make contacts and do business together, either directly or indirectly. Remember that every person you meet has at least 100 contacts on their database that they could refer you to, and in turn you have 100 contacts you could refer them to – that’s networking!



Melanie Peters (host) – I’m passionate about all things marketing, and dedicated to showcasing the best that businesses have to offer and all things local. I work tirelessly to make your business the  best it can be.


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Humphrey & Co – Emily Fletcher and Lyndsey Mantripp – Humphrey & Co is a medium-sized accountancy firm based on the south coast with offices in Eastbourne and Hove. Managers Emily and Lyndsey began hosting the Eastbourne Ladies Lunch Club at The Grand Hotel in July 2016 and will continue to host and sponsor the lunches throughout 2017. They like to make everyone at the lunch feel relaxed supporting the Ladies Lunch ethos of “Good Food, Good Company”.