The incorporation of social media to your business is completely normal these days. We rely on social media, and this can have detriments on our employees health.

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Are smartphones a smart choice? Is social media affecting your teams’mental health?

Written by Loch Associates

The rise of social media is almost impossible to ignore, and this digital giant will only
continue. With its growth and integration into our personal and professional lives, we have
become more aware of the severe threat it can have on an individuals' mental health.
Social media is vital for businesses, completely changing how we work over the last ten
years. It is a tool we rely on to help build our brand, connect with audiences, market
ourselves, recruit new staff and showcase company’s values. Never before have company’s
been so in touch with their customers.

Consequences outweighing the benefits?

Regardless of social media's benefits, there is overwhelming evidence that it can harm
individuals' mental wellbeing if not used correctly. When using social media for personal and
professional reasons, boundaries between these two areas can become blurred. The 24/7
and fast paced nature of the platforms can make it hard for users to switch off and have time
away from their screens. Due to the harmful effects of social media, more people are
choosing to remove themselves from social networks and all internet on their phones. This
has increased the purchase of 2000s style phones known as ‘dumbphones’, which have
limited functionality.

People are opting for these devices as they remove the distraction of social media in their
daily lives, with a considerable percentage of dumbphone users claiming they have become
more focused and productive. Not only this, but they claimed their mental health improved
due to the reduction in constant comparison from images shared online, better sleeping
patterns without the distraction of nightly scrolling, and no threat of ‘social media burnout’.
It may not be possible for employers to offer dumbphones to their employees depending on
their line of work. In which case, it is essential that you consider their wellbeing and put
processes in place to protect them. This could include having a clear social media policy,
social media training and proving company tools, such as mobile phones and company
social pages.

We can help

Loch Associates Group’s experienced Solicitors and HR Consultants can work with
companies to support the business and their employees. They are experts in implementing
policies and contracts, as well as planning and holding training sessions on an ad hoc basis
or more regularly. Additionally, mental health first aid and HR services are available if and
when they are needed to ensure your employees and the business’ are protected.