Networking events are so important. Here is a list of some of the networking events occurring over the next few months.

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Events and networking – what’s coming up?

By Consortium – more than marketing

Busy season is approaching, so why is it important to get you or your business out there and what events should you be seen at?

The benefit of attending industry events or networking is now widely accepted in the business community. For most businesses, the main reason for attending is to raise their company’s profile with the aim of increasing enquiries and converting clients. Industry events and networking are ideal ways to connect with other local businesses, find out about issues and opportunities, and exchange business ideas and best practices. In addition, industry events and networking can help you find new suppliers or business partners. Read our 10 top tips to help you make the most of networking.

What is a list of events over the next few months?

Before and after the event

Firstly, make sure you do your research before you go, find out who is going and connect with them on LinkedIn beforehand, it is a great way to introduce yourself so you have people to talk with at the event. Lastly, the golden rule is to follow up after the event with people you have met. It is common courtesy to write a quick follow-up email after the event to those whose business cards you were given. Yes, we said business cards, they do still exist!

There are loads of things that happen in between so be sure to read our blog for some great pointers.

It would be great to catch up at some of these events, so if you are going, do let us know!