When it comes to keeping ahead of the curve, here at The Route our goal is simple: to develop new, innovative ways to keep you up to speed with your assets and investments.  

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It’s New, it’s Exciting and it’s Here for You – Our Member Portal is now Live.

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Our valued Members know, and expect, that we will always endeavour to explore new ways to offer the very best in communication and value-driven interaction.  Visibility, transparency and outstanding client service underline everything we do.

When it comes to keeping ahead of the curve, here at The Route our goal is simple: to develop new, innovative ways to keep you up to speed with your assets and investments.  

Putting You First with the Latest Technology

It’s arrived.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new Member Portal, an easy-to use, completely exclusive section of the website that’s customised just for you.  Just a few short clicks, and you’ll have instant access to the very latest facts and figures on your entire range of commitments with us, whatever and wherever they may be.

Updated every 24 hours, the Member Portal has been designed with you in mind.  In-depth, yet entirely transparent, you’ll find the latest snapshot information on all the pertinent, relevant aspects of your assets.  From the performance on your savings and investments, details of loan repayments, mortgages, fund performance, your property portfolio status – we’ve taken the most current data available to deliver it on a single, intuitive platform.  

What’s more, you’ll be able to see any potential new investments to support your current portfolio; possible add-ons to your current assets with The Route.  This is an added layer of oversight that’s purpose-built for your needs.

Simplicity is best.  Clarity is essential.  The Route – City wealth club has combined both, with the very latest cutting-edge technology to go beyond a “nice-to-have”. 

Stay informed on the move, with secure, easy access on your tablet or mobile phone.  If you need assistance, just click on the screen hints next to the menu in the top right corner of your screen.

A Unique, Customised Single Source of Data

The Route’s Member Portal has been created specifically for our business and of course, first and foremost to meet the needs of our Members.  It’s a bespoke platform that’s unique to us. This is no off-the shelf product; in fact, that wouldn’t have been possible.  Why?  Because our range of products is unique, and we needed something equally as unique to support them.

Why Have We Developed Our Member Portal?

The short answer is: To support and expand our regulated advisory services.  We wanted something  to sit perfectly alongside, perhaps even expand how we already work with you. A tool that could answer questions, or alternatively, encourage you to contact us for more information.   

Our Member Portal has moved on from its earlier version.  It now delivers an across-the-board, single source of information, reflecting our service offering in full.  And, it’s available to everyone.  Previously focused solely on The Route – Finance part of our business, we’ve been listening.  

Meet the Developer

We’d like to pass our acknowledgement and thanks to James Wrighton of Venture Networks, a developer of extraordinary skill and vision.  With his in-depth technical know-how, James has delivered over and above on his brief, offering guidance, advice and fresh ideas when they were needed.  Thank you, James.

We’re excited about our new Member Portal.  Here at The Route, we value innovation, and the benefits it can offer our Members. 

This is a platform that could offer you even greater transparency, with robust reliability and insightful visibility. It’s simple and fast, and will help you to make clear, informed decisions on your assets and investments – this is a tool that makes sense of investing.