“Outsource your marketing and get all the benefits of marketing, without wasting your time and money.”

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Professional service firms should outsource their marketing

By Consortium more than marketing

Successful businesses have powerful marketing departments. You can always build your own in-house marketing department. Many try to do it themselves, but do you have the time or knowledge to tackle it? Outsource your marketing and get all the benefits of marketing, without wasting your time and money.

Keep up to date

Every new form of communication has changed what effective marketing looks like. The invention of the internet has only increased the speed at which new technologies and social spaces have developed.

Digital spaces play an increasingly larger role in our day-to-day lives, and they change quickly. Keeping on top of the latest trends is a full-time job. That’s not to mention core digital infrastructure like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which routinely updates as the law and technology change to improve the quality of the search engine’s service.

Without the relevant experience or knowledge to make sense of the large volume of data and rapid changes, you’ll very quickly get overwhelmed. When you outsource your marketing you leave this burden with a professional. They will have already done the work of converting the constant flow of data into tactics relevant to your business and target market when they present their advice to you.

Time is money

You’re busy, and so are your staff. Pulling your team away from client work to do marketing (especially when they don’t have the relevant expertise) can be bad for business.

Often businesses give their staff marketing tasks on top of their existing workload. Usually, this is because they perceive those tasks to be quick or easy. This leads to employees juggling their workloads to get everything done, increasing stress (which encourages staff to look elsewhere for employment) and reducing productivity. Outsourcing gets you a person or a team whose sole focus is your marketing, so you’ll get better results more efficiently, whilst your team focus on your clients.

Successful marketing generates ‘touchpoints’ – moments where a person in your target audience comes into contact with your brand.  Research shows that in order for a person to convert, they need at least seven touchpoints. If you don’t have the time to post to social media consistently, your ability to build those touchpoints is considerably reduced. Part of the problem is that this is such a broad task. It can involve:

  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Responding to online reviews
  • Pay Per Click adverts
  • Networking
  • Word of mouth

When you outsource your marketing you’ll gain consistency and structure without taking time away from your client work, so you ensure you’re giving your 100% when prospects convert to clients.

Flexibility & Stability

When you employ someone, you’re making a long-term commitment, and not all businesses are in a position to do that. You might not have the funds or aren’t quite the size at which you would consider it necessary. An agency can tailor their service to meet your needs, whatever they look like, and will rise to fill your demands as your business grows.

You might be in a position where you can afford to have a part-time or junior marketer in-house permanently, but they need support. Or maybe you have a dedicated marketing department. In either case, agencies are great for being able to ‘slot in’ beside your existing marketing team and provide them with support at whatever level they need it.

Different marketers have different specialities, as lawyers and accountants do. If for whatever reason, your business must replace its marketer, the whole business is likely to be pulled in a new marketing direction as per the new hire’s specialities. By its nature, an agency will contain a mixture of specialities, and be able to provide you with a rounded, consistent approach to your marketing.

Save your money

Ultimately if you’re looking for cost-efficiency, you should outsource your marketing. For the cost of one person’s salary, you can effectively have a whole department ready to promote your business. Hiring new staff comes with a lot of costs in addition to a salary that you might have to routinely pay. Small businesses can rarely offer career progression for marketers, especially when there’s only one marketing job role in the whole company – so marketing staff are more likely to leave after a few years.

Consortium more than marketing has often found that there are changes that can be made to existing internal processes for little or no cost. The right knowledge can save you a lot of money. For example, advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Meta for Business, make it very easy to spend a lot of money on ads – but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s often a waste.

We’re the experts

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