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Christmas parties are a staple of workplace celebrations, but there are many risks for employers. Take a look at our checklist below!

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Work Christmas parties are back on the agenda in 2022!

By Loch Associates

There are many benefits to having an ‘in person’ work Christmas party. It’s an ideal opportunity for colleagues to get together, and to appreciate and celebrate team successes. However there are risks and to make it a successful event, it’s important for employers, to know their responsibilities and plan early and carefully.

To help you, we’ve put together a checklist to create a successful work celebration and avoid ‘partygate’ nightmares.

  1. Know your legal obligations as an employer.
  2. Consider the diversity of your team to make sure the event embraces inclusivity.
  3. Ensure your policies are up to date and staff have had training.
  4. Consider communicating with your team regarding expectations for the event itself.
  5. Be observant at the event to head off any potential issues arising.

A huge Merry Christmas from the team at Loch.